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Other Info#

Personal Information#

Stakater handles employees' personal data according to Personuppgiftslagen (PuL, 1998:204). Personal data is any information that directly or indirectly can be associated with the employee as a person, including their photographs.

The employee's personal data will only be processed by Stakater for use within company operations. Stakater may use employee's personal information as in the following scenarios:

  • Using photos on the company's official website and social media pages.
  • Using photos in internal presentations e.g. held for the team, competence area or other forum within Stakater
  • Special food requirements when arranging food.
  • Next of kin information for situations where required
  • Handling of name, subject and action upon contacting the HR function regarding preventive health and rehabilitation (Only the HR function will have access to this information).

Intellectual property Rights#

All material and results including intangible rights for intellectual property, which employee produces during the employment belongs to Stakater. Thus all material the employee has produced or has been in contact with during the employment must be returned to Stakater at termination/end of employment/assignment.

Day to Day work#

It is important to always have a good and professional behavior towards all customers. The main principle is to follow the rules, policies and norms of the customer’s workplace. In case you are unaware of such information, try to promptly ascertain what rules apply. This means that working hours and functions such as reporting, leave etc. may vary depending on the customer organization where the employee works. In case of any political or personal problems at the customer organization, contact your supervisor or manager at Stakater immediately for discussion and advice. Document your activities carefully and report to your manager at Stakater with relevant time-sheet.

As an employee of Stakater, it is important to know that our customers do not have the right to offer employment to any employee of Stakater. This provision is included in our assignment and aims to regulate the relationships between Stakater and its customers, to protect our business model and the intellectual capital in which we invest continuously. The provision has no direct bearing on you as a consultant, but regulates the relationships between the customer and Stakater.


Employees must not, either during employment or after its termination, use or disclose information related to Stakater or companies closely connected to Stakater, which one can reasonably believe Stakater would like to keep confidential, to any external person or company.

Competition and ancillary activities#

Employees must not, during the period of employment directly or indirectly, engage or participate in other activities which are competitive in nature in relation to Stakater’s current activities.

The employee should not during employment, either in person or through legal persons, hold other employment or perform other work without written consent from the CEO.

Termination of employment#

Upon termination of employment the parties shall observe a mutual notice period of three (3) months. In case of serious breach of policies or law, Stakater has the right to terminate the employment contract with immediate effect.