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Sweden Vacation#

An employee is entitled to 25 vacation days per year which should be used in consultation with their manager. Vacation days are earned retroactively. If an employment term ends at a point when an employee has used more vacation days than they have earned, the excess days are offset when the final salary is calculated. Five days can be saved each year and rolled over to the next vacation period. Saved days in excess of that will be paid out at the end of each vacation period.

For any type of emergency or unforeseen absence, employees have to inform their supervisor at the customer organization and manager at Stakater as soon as possible.

If the employee is planning to take a long parental leave, he/she should inform their supervisor at least 6 months in advance. This applies to both full-time and part-time leave. The employee should also communicate how long the leave is scheduled to last. If the employee wants to terminate their parental leave they are entitled to resume their work as before. This should be communicated to Stakater and the customer organization as soon as possible. For parental leave longer than one year, the employee must return any equipment issued by the company such as laptop and mobile phone.